Tomahawk, Georgia 


Tomahawk, Georgia, lies in northeastern Habersham County, approximately 25 miles from Cornelia. The town sits along the Soque River in the Appalachian Mountains. The local economy is largely based on agriculture and timber.

It has documented a bit of history, starting about 300 years ago. During the Revolutionary War, the Cherokees built their villages in Tomahawk, while later, in the 1800s, the town was a railroad center. These days, Tomahawk is a quiet small town that’s home to around 2,000 people. Tomahawk is a quiet small town that’s home to around 2,000 people.

Long-distance between two points (in this case, Alpharetta, Georgia and Tomahawk, Georgia) is a function of the speed at which the two points can be reached. If the two points can be reached in the same number of days with the same amount of travel time, then the distance is the same. One way to measure the distance between two points is to use a direct distance formula. One of the distance formulas is the proportion method which is just the inverse of the Pythagorean theorem.

The Tomahawk, Georgia area has a population of about 3,400. The estimated population of this region is about 7,000. The population density is 7.67/sq. km. If the average density of this region were doubled, the population would be about 9,000. The population density is 9.67/sq. km. If the density were tripled, the population would be about 18,000.

In Tomahawk, Georgia, the standard greeting is “Howdy.” When someone compliments you on your new truck, you may respond: “My truck is a Tomahawk.” In response to “How are you?” you may answer: “Your Tomahawk is fine.” Or, if you are talking to an older person, you might respond “You’re a fine Tomahawk” when they get older. A Tomahawk is a Tomahawk is a Tomahawk.

It is unlawful for any person to have in his possession in any building or room within the Town limits of Tomahawk, Ga., any tomahawk, dirk, dagger, sword, bayonet, pistol, rifle or other weapon of any kind generally recognized as a weapon of war or an instrument of war.

Nine months ago, temperatures were well above freezing for the entire month of February. This year, the temperature average for February was 43.6 (more than 3 degrees warmer than normal), and it was the second warmest February on record. In February, Tomahawk’s average high temperature was 62.5, which is 2.5 degrees warmer than normal. The high temperature was 2.2 degrees above normal. The average low temperature in February was 47.2, which was 0.5 degrees warmer than normal.