Avondale Estates, Georgia

When you live in a smaller town, it’s easy to get wrapped up in your own life and forget to check out the surrounding community. But if you’re new in Avondale Estates, GA, we’ve got a few spots we recommend you check out. Avondale Estates, Georgia, is a growing suburb outside of Atlanta. It is roughly 29 square miles in size, with about 17,000 residents. Since it’s neither a suburb nor a city, it is classified as an unincorporated area in Georgia. With a population of 17,000, Avondale Estates is considered a small city, while the Atlanta metropolitan area has 5.3 million people. Avondale Estates has a population density of 14,238 people per square mile, which is higher than Atlanta’s.

The City of Avondale Estates is located in the northern part of DeKalb County, a little more than 10 miles from downtown Atlanta. The cost of living in Avondale Estates, GA varies depending on the area. The city’s website estimates that home runs about $280,000, with a monthly mortgage payment of roughly $1,500.

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Avondale Estates, Georgia, is the setting for the movies. It is the city where the love interests meet each other in the romantic comedy She’s Out of My League. The comedy film was written and directed by Jim Field Smith and stars Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve as two strangers who meet on a plane and strike up an unlikely friendship. The city is also featured in the television show Entourage, which is a show about a movie star, his friends, his manager, his driver, his agent, and his best friend.

Dating back to 1834, Avondale Estates is a city in DeKalb County, Georgia. It was created as a railroad town and was named after the railroad that ran through the area: the Atlanta and Decatur Railroad Company. It is a prime location for real estate because of the access to parks, green space, and outdoor activities that families can enjoy. Avondale Estates is a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. It is home to Avondale Park.

In 1907, an area of Avondale Estates was donated by J.D. Grant to create Grant Park. In 1959, the park was donated to the City of Atlanta to be maintained as a park. Today the park is open to the public. The park has a walking track, a pond, a playground, picnic areas with tables and grills, acres of green space, and even a man-made waterfall.

The city’s low crime rate and high quality of life make it a very desirable place to live. Aside from the fact that Avondale Estates is located near the Atlanta area and all of the exciting things that come with it, the city itself is an ideal place to live in. The homes are spacious and the community is very active. In Atlanta, it is increasingly popular to use a zip code when giving directions. It’s a lot faster than saying “turn at the next light and make a left.” There is a tendency to abbreviate zip codes to the last three digits. The problem is that the abbreviation for Atlanta’s 30324 zip code is simply “24.” This means that you could ask for directions to a location in the 30324 zip code, but you would be given directions to a location in the 30319 zip code.