Frost Bistro 


Frost Bistro, located at 1082 Auburn Avenue NW in Atlanta, is an elegant restaurant that is perfect for a night out. Frost Bistro has a relaxed bistro vibe, where guests can relax in a chic setting and enjoy food that tastes great. The restaurant prides itself on serving delicious farm-to-table dishes made with quality ingredients. The atmosphere is inviting, with friendly staff and great music.

It is home to an eclectic menu of delicious and healthy options, all made from scratch. The eclectic bakery at Frost Bistro features a variety of baked goods, made with all-natural food. Stop by Frost Bistro’s deli booth for a fresh salad or sandwich, or enjoy one of the café’s homemade soups. Frost Bistro is locally owned and operated, and is serious about providing delicious, healthy options for you and your family.

Parking in Frost Bistro in Atlanta is a pleasure. There is an enormous lot on the corner of 16th Street and Juniper. It is free for the first 30 minutes and $2 for every hour after that. The only downside is that it is a little bit of a hike to Frost, but if you are willing to sacrifice the convenience of the nearby parking lot, Frost is a wonderful place to eat.

This is one of those trendy restaurants that try to be unique. It was an interesting experience. One thing I did not like about this restaurant was their insistence on not allowing you to order two of the same entree. At least, not if you wanted the same side item. I was informed that the only way I could order two of the same entree was to order one with two different sides. Either that or order one entree and then order a completely different entree.

Menu in Frost Bistro in Atlanta. I was at Frost Bistro for dinner last evening. I had the chicken fettuccine. My bill came to $44 including tax, tip, and a glass of wine. I thought it was a bit pricey for what I had but I figured it was a nice restaurant and it wasn’t my money, so I paid the bill. My guess is that the waitress got a $5 tip on the $44 bill. Maybe if I had of known that the tip was included in the bill, I would have felt better. However, I’m not sure I would have left more anyway. I always tip on the bill. I’m a big believer in doing what the restaurant does.

The atmosphere at Frost Bistro will make you feel like you’re in the North while dining in Atlanta. The restaurant decor is simple and very clean. The tables and chairs are all white, creating a very sleek and contemporary look. Frost Bistro is the perfect place for a quiet business lunch, a romantic night out on the town, or a night with friends.

My favorite restaurant, hands down. I haven’t been disappointed by anything I’ve ordered. The atmosphere is the best. Very nice, cozy decor. You can’t go wrong there. The servers are very polite and attentive. And I love to eat there. 10% Off of food during the weekend and a Thursday Drink Special too! Frost Bistro is one of the best restaurants in Atlanta and it has a different special every day of the week.