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Written by Liam Barnes

October 10, 2021


Landscaping Tips For Sandy Springs’ Homeowners

A Aesthetically Pleasing Rest Area With A Beautiful Landscape.

Beautifying the home from the inside out is something that everyone wants to do. Though most homeowners are aware of the value of an aesthetically pleasing home, they are clueless about what to do about it.
While everyone decorates their house from inside, only a select few know the importance of embellishing their front and backyard. According to the numbers, a home that is well landscaped has a significant advantage over one that isn’t. As a homeowner, you can realize anywhere from a 5.5% to 12.7% increase in the value of your home when you pay attention to landscaping.

However, if you haven’t been able to get to your home landscaping because you don’t know where to start, then we’re here to help you.
This article will discuss how you can begin landscaping and what you need to consider before you get started. So, without further delay, let’s get down to revamping your front and backyard or patio.

Decide On Your Prerequisites

A Beautiful Pathway In Atlanta With A Well-Maintained Landscape.

Before you begin with your landscape or garden design, it is essential that you take care of the basics. First, decide where you’ll need landscaping. Next, think about the sort of design you would like to go for. For instance, will you prefer rocks or something like a paved path? Or you thinking about retaining wall to break up your yard or perhaps a water fountain feature? Finally, decide on your budget and approximate time frame because both these factors will decide the kind of contractor you should go for.
And don’t worry if you’re not particularly inspired yourself and are not sure what you want to do from a design perspective. That’s where landscaping services professionals who specialize in landscape design come in.  

Work With Your Contractor

​Landscaping is more than just about paying a random set of contractors to beautify your front or backyard. It is vital that you work with the professional and speak up about your ideas and thoughts. Remember, the garden or patio is where you’ll be interacting with your guests. Where you’ll entertain your friends or colleagues after a long week. This is why it is important that the landscaping area has elements and designs that you can truly connect with. Discuss everything from ideas and themes to budget and timeline to make sure both you and the contractor are on the same page.

Know Your Options

Often, homeowners shy away from garden design because they fear the maintenance it would require later. While many people are fine with mowing their lawn, they don’t know that a lot more effort is needed if you are to go it alone. This is where professional landscaping services come in. If you did your research and hired a competent contractor, they’d be able to help you with everything from mowing to landscape edging, hardscaping (think patios, paved walkways, pool features, fountains) and more. Don’t automatically assume that you’ll need to pick up leaves when summer is followed by fall because there inexpensive are reliable services that can help you with these as well.

Pay Special Attention to Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems

​People who don’t have a background in gardening often don’t know about the importance of a proper irrigation system. Countless landscaping projects have depreciated in value because homeowners didn’t know the type of irrigation system to install. However, if you do just a little research or decide to work with experts you’ll keep your garden design from flooding and and being damaged which could result in the need for some costly repairs.. An experienced landscaping professional will be able to guide you on the best landscape drainage system specific to your lawn and soil type, so you don’t end up with any muddy, overwatered areas or dead patches of grass on your lawn. Whatsmore landscaping professionals will guide you on proper placement of your garden sprinkler system to avoid costly and disruptive sprinkler repairs.

Succulents Growing In A Home At Atlanta.

Don’t Forget About Outdoor Lighting

Lights are an integral part of your landscaping. If you want your guests to notice and appreciate the kind of effort that’s gone into the garden design, you need to tactfully place lights all over the area. Trust professionals who won’t just help you place those lights, but ensure you transform your garden or patio through a considered selection of light types and appropriate wattage and color selection. Lighting really is one of those aspects of landscaping that can elevate the overall finished product and does require significant subject matter expertise to get it right. So Instead of spending hours on end with DIY installations or at your local Home Depot, call experts that can help guide you on your outdoor lighting choices. Another key aspect that you must get right is landscape lighting wiring. Dangling and exposed wiring is not only unsightly but also a considerably safety risk because of the fact tht wiring is exposed to the elements. Getting professional advice on material selection is essential so you and your family are not put in harm’s way.

Wrapping Up

Don’t let the space outside your home go to waste. Instead of just placing a few old chairs and a table outside on your patio or backyard, renovate it with proper garden design and landscaping. Doing this won’t just help increase your homes value, but will also allow you to entertain your guests, or relax and unwind with your family in a surrounding that you will love and want to spend more and more time in.

When you decide to get serious about home landscaping, remember that doing it yourself probably won’t help because you need a professional just like you’d need a plumber to fix the pipes in your home.
Atlanta Landscape Co. are seasoned professionals with a long list of happy customers throughout Sandy Springs, Marietta, Fulton Country, Cobb County, Morgan Country, Buckhead and even as far south as Midtown.

We’d love to talk to you about your landscaping project, get in touch for a free consultation and a chat.

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