Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Atlanta Homes

A well-taken care flowering plant by Atlanta Landscape Co

Written by Liam Barnes

October 10, 2021

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Atlanta Homes

​Having a beautiful home is great, but maintaining a front yard all year round can be costly. We’ve pulled together some front yard landscaping ideas (budget-friendly options included) to help you maintain the exterior appearance of your home.

A Bright-Looking Exterior Appearance Of A Home In Atlanta

Choose a focal point and stick with it

This will more than likely be your front door, so don’t go overboard with the landscaping and hide it. Take into consideration how your design will frame your home’s entrance. 

Make sure your plants are well maintained 

Just like humans, a vibrant yard is radiating and full of life… in this case plant life. Whether you’re into shrubs, bushes, or flowers, planting these at the front of your home will add instant curb appeal. Some evergreen plants to consider: hydrangeas, azalea, and boxwood. Need more low maintenance options? We also like ground covers. 

Once you’ve selected the plants you want to display, it’s important to maintain their look and appearance. This means trimming any overgrown areas, pulling out any weeds, and raking any leaves that can prevent your grass from receiving direct sunlight. Tip: Invest in some mulch. This will protect your plant’s roots from higher temperatures, making it harder for weeds to grow.

A Well-Maintained Pathway In Atlanta

Let your plants live on the edge

Creating a strong edge between your lawn and garden beds will instantly boost your home’s curb appeal. You should also take into consideration the pathway to your front door. While adding a curved pathway is warm and inviting, ensuring each side is landscaped accordingly is just as important.

Cover up with some lattice or shrubs 

If you want to add privacy or distract from less attractive areas, crisscross lattice or a buffer of plants (for a more inviting look) is a strategic solution. When going the shrub route, opt for multiple plants with different heights. 

Give your house a wash or fresh paint job

Environmental factors (e.g. rain, sun, etc) can deteriorate the appearance of your home over time. Wash any areas that look dirty to keep your house looking clean and beautiful. Need a bit more? Paint any areas that are fading or peeling. We recommend taking into consideration front doors, window ledges, deck railings, and shutters. After all, a fresh-looking yard needs a house to match!

Your Lawn Has Needs Too

More is more in this case and if you want the best results you need to put in work (or hire someone to do so #CallUs). You want to thatch out any dead leaves in the Fall and lay down new seeds. In the Spring, it’s important to water and feed your lawn (with fertilizer). Doing these steps will guarantee a healthy and vibrant lawn all year round.

Spruce up your space with… 

A bench

Transform your front yard with a decorate seating bench. You can easily snag one of these from a yard sale or second-hand shop. Add some paint and voila! Tip: Create a calm aesthetic by positioning the bench under a tree or next to a flower bed. ​

A Beautiful Bench At Home In Atlanta

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