Underground Atlanta 


Atlanta’s underground garages are legendary, and traverse the city like a parasite. As everyone knows, Atlanta is the Underground Capital of the World, and while many of its infamous abandoned places are long gone, its modern equivalent is just as fascinating.

Love your city. Love its history. Love its culture. Love its architecture. Love its imperfections. Love its quirks. Today’s Atlanta offers so many opportunities to explore and immerse oneself in its past. Just a few miles from downtown, in one of the most historic neighborhoods in Atlanta, is an area that is central to Atlanta’s rich history. It’s called Underground Atlanta.

Ever wanted to experience the history of Atlanta in a fun, interactive way? Look no further than Underground Atlanta. While originally built as a thriving shopping district, it was closed in the wake of the modern shopping plaza, and a portion was even converted into the world’s largest parking deck. In 1994, the city of Atlanta decided to convert the area into a shopping and entertainment district once again, and Underground Atlanta is once again a bustling, thriving center of Atlanta. You can actually tour the historic buildings and gain insight into the city that once was.

Tour the sights and sounds of Atlanta’s Gold Rush from the 1850s in this historical walking tour of Underground Atlanta.

Atlanta is the capital of the South. Every major city has its own “underground” but Atlanta’s is different. In Atlanta, if you find the right spots, you can find some of the best food in the world. The trick is to find the right spots. There are many shops/stores in Underground Atlanta. I recommend the following for you to visit. The first is the Georgia State clothing store. This store is located on the bottom floor in the center of the mall. It’s a great store to check out for all your apparel needs. Next is The Spaghetti Factory. This is the best Italian restaurant in the mall to grab a meal in. The food tastes amazing and the prices are reasonable. Also, the atmosphere is really cool. I also recommend going to the Lefty’s Bar. This bar is on the bottom floor next to the Georgia State clothing store. It’s a great bar to grab a drink, watch a game and hang out with all your friends.

Underground Atlanta is the area under the Five Points MARTA station that was once a shopping and entertainment district. It was originally an open-air mall before being enclosed, then closed for redevelopment. The redevelopment stalled and in recent years, the area has been reopening as an entertainment district. There are a number of shops, restaurants, bars, and clubs. It is also home to the world’s largest REI store, a Target, a Cinemark movie theater, and a 500-room Westin.