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If you own a commercial property, you likely want to beautify it to match your business’ image.  As the owner, it is your responsibility to manage the aesthetics of your property’s surroundings making it more attractive to clients and prospects alike. 

One of the contributors to uplifting your surroundings appeal is through commercial landscaping. 

Having a beautiful garden or a touch of greenery designed to fit your commercial property’s identity is one of the factors of making your business stand out from the rest. 

But achieving a perfectly designed lawn or green space is hard to achieve. When in Atlanta, you must wonder “are there any reliable landscapers near me?”.

Good thing  Atlanta Landscape Company is here to provide you with expert lawn care services wherever you are in Atlanta.  From retail stores, apartment complexes, offices,  churches, and any other commercial property that has a lawn you like to get landscaped or a space you want to patch with some greens, we got you covered. 

We at Atlanta Landscape Company has a team of expert commercial landscapers ready to transform your property’s big lawns or tight office spaces. Our experts offer various services such as landscape maintenance, installation, irrigation, and drainage check, to name a few, to keep your commercial space looking its best. 
Our main objective is to bring the best commercial landscape care service to Atlanta. Our firm is composed of trained and dedicated lawn service experts that will assure that your commercial space will have a clean, attractive, and healthy landscaped area that reflects professionalism and your business’ persona. 

Atlanta Landscape Company’s commercial lawn care services and landscaping include: 

      • Landscape design
      • Comprehensive program of maintenance services
      • Pruning and trimming of trees and shrubs
      • Weed control for parking lot areas
      • Renovation and cleanups of poorly-maintained spaces
      • Spring and Fall clean -up
      • Litter control in certain areas
      • Tree Service
      • And many more…


Trends in landscaping constantly change.

Especially in commercial spaces, these trends constantly shift though you need not worry because Atlanta Landscape Company is here to guide you in choosing the appropriate style for your property.

The following are the popular commercial landscaping trends:

Vertical Landscaping and Green Roofs

Usually located in the busy urban area, your commercial property is exposed to a lot of limitations when it comes to landscaping. Some of these are space constraints, pollution, and excessive heat. 

But Atlanta Landscape Company provides you with eco-friendly alternatives to your space’s commercial landscaping needs. 

Green Roofs, the landscaping made on rooftops of high-rise buildings, not only provides an oasis in the middle of a busy city but also brings a lot of benefits. Some of these are reduced air pollution and less rainwater runoff to name a few. 

Vertical landscaping or green walls is another commercial landscaping Atlanta Landscape Company can offer you. This is achieved by making plants grow on a substrate attached to your building’s wall. Though high in maintenance, vertical landscaping can make a design statement even in the most limited of spaces. 

Container Landscaping

This type of commercial landscaping utilizes containers such as tubs, half-barrels, pots, wooden planters, and any other containers used for plants.  Almost all greenery can grow perfectly in any container as long as the container is large enough for the plants to thrive in it. 

Container gardening is suitable for any area that is tight on space. It is often used in commercial spaces that are utilized as venues for parties and weddings. 

The landscaping is made by mix-and-matching the plants around the given area. The containers are placed on different pedestals, mounted on windows, hung from the ceiling on hangers, or just placed on the ground. 

This type of commercial landscaping gives you the advantage of flexibility.

High-Impact Landscapes

Your limited commercial space in Atlanta does not have to be dull and boring. You can count on the landscaping experts in Atlanta Landscape Company to liven up your small area. 

By doing a high-impact commercial landscaping on your commercial property, we will bring bold and bright colors of different plants to your space. We will use an uncommon combination of plants like lilacs, myrtles, and dwarf butterfly bushes to name a few. 

This type of commercial landscaping is ideal for business owners and people who do not have the time to tend for their gardens. It requires little to no maintenance but still will bring an aesthetic lift to your commercial establishment.


A unwavering focus on making our customer happy is an obsession. It’s in our DNA.

From the very first day a new team member joins Atlanta Landscaping Co., they are taught our customer first attitude, and we continue to teach it until it is ingrained in each and everyone of our staff. 

When you work with us, rest assured you’re working with a local company that has your landscaping interests at heart. 

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