Addison Heights, Marietta 


Addison Heights is a unique residential treatment center located in Marietta, Georgia. Addison Heights offers a more home-like setting than traditional inpatient facilities and comes with a variety of treatment options. Whether you or a loved one are looking for a sober living home, a transitional living facility, or a Christian rehab center, Addison Heights can help.

It is a suburb of Atlanta, and in 2017 it was ranked as the 114th best place in the nation to raise a family. Nestled in Cobb County, Georgia, Addison Heights is 16.5 miles from downtown Atlanta, offering residents all of the amenities of the big city while still providing a peaceful suburban lifestyle. The neighborhood features two large parks and plenty of shopping and other amenities nearby.

When it comes to homes for sale in Addison Heights/Marietta, there are several different options for prospective buyers to consider. For those with an interest in schools, the area’s schools are some of the best in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The combined Addison Elementary School and Addison Middle School have an overall five-star rating on, while the Addison High School has a solid four-star rating.

Atlanta is recognized as a major business hub in the south, and for good reason. The city has a growing population of about 450,000 residents, as well as a rising number of amenities. Moreover, Atlanta is home to numerous Fortune 500 companies, which greatly contributes to the city’s economic and industrial stability.

The first land purchase and platting of Addison Heights were in 1854 by James Addison. In 1871 the City of St. Louis purchased the land and began developing the Addison Heights area. In 1877 the City of St. Louis established a park in the area, and in 1885 the St. Louis Fair opened for business. By the late 1800s and early 1900s, the neighborhood was a popular spot for factory workers.

The stories of Addison Heights and Marietta, Georgia are intertwined. Both communities were born out of the need for housing for the growing number of workers employed at the Bell Bomber factory in Marietta, Georgia. The factory was the site of the construction of the famed B-29, the bomber plane used in WWII. The factory complex was located on the north side of the railroad tracks and was known as the Bell Bomber factory.

This house is in the historic neighborhood of Addison Heights/Marietta in Marietta, GA. It has an amazing (almost finished) basement, great views from the deck, and is very close to Kennesaw State University and the Square in Marietta. It is close to shopping, parks, and the interstate. If you are interested, please email me at or call me at 404-835-8255.

Addison Heights is a great place to live. Addison Heights is one of the most sought-after places to live in Marietta, Ohio. With a wide variety of housing options, Addison Heights provides the perfect setting for residents to settle down and raise a family. Addison Heights is located in the middle of everything, with easy access to all the necessities to live comfortably.