Marietta History Center

The Marietta History Center is a living museum in Marietta, GA. It houses a rich collection of artifacts and documents related to the history of the city of Marietta. When you visit, you will get to see historic military vehicles, old photographs, and much more. The Marietta History Center is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the history of Marietta. The History Center has nine permanent exhibits that take you on a journey through Marietta’s past and present.

It is located in the Marietta square and is home to the first American Flag. On June 14, 1777, the Second Continental Congress adopted the Stars and Stripes, which had thirteen stripes for the original thirteen colonies, and thirteen red and white stripes for the first American colonies. The design was made by Philadelphia seamstress Betsy Ross. The flag was made by her and her cousin, Rebecca Young, and is now housed at the Marietta Museum of History. The Marietta History Center is the site of the homes of both Presidents William McKinley and Rutherford B. Hayes.

The Marietta History Center is located in the house where Presidents William McKinley and Rutherford B. Hayes died. This is not just any historic building, it is on the National Register of Historic Places, and the grounds are part of a National Historic Landmark.

The William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum is the first Presidential Library to be built, and the only one to be built in honor of a President who was still living at the time. The building was dedicated in 1907 and opened to the public in December of that year. President McKinley did not live to see the building completed, as he died on September 14, 1901. It is open year-round and free to the public. The History Center contains a wealth of information for those who are interested in Marietta’s rich history and heritage. The exhibits include two fully furnished, turn-of-the-century parlors, a replica of the first schoolhouse in Marietta, and an 1800s log home.

The Marietta History Center is hosting a number of events in August. Most notable is the Civil War exhibit “Roots of Rebellion: The Civil War in Marietta” which features artifacts from the Civil War and is being held in conjunction with the Red Clay Valley Civil War Roundtable.

The Outdoor Activities of Marietta History Center is the history of the Tri-Cities of southeastern Ohio. The museum is a partnership between the City of Marietta and Muskingum County. The History Center’s exhibits tell of the region’s natural resources, human history, and the many cultures that have settled here.

The Outdoor Activities of Marietta History Center (OAM) is a 5,000-square-foot instructional space. The History Center is dedicated to the preservation and education of the natural, cultural, and agricultural heritage of the Marietta area. The mission of the Outdoor Activities of Marietta History Center is to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the Marietta area through educational, recreational, and historical activities.

Founded in 1948 as the Marietta Museum of History, the museum changed its name to the Marietta History Center in 2013. The organization is also recognized as a Georgia Certified Local Government (CGLG), an official historical site of the state of Georgia, and a member of the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation. Collections of Marietta History Center (COHM) is a branch of the Marietta Museum of History. COHM is a special interest collection of area history and artifacts. The COHM collection consists of over 20,000 items, including hundreds of newspaper clippings, photographs, postcards, and a large collection of books and genealogy materials.