Noonday, Georgia 


Noonday, Georgia, is a small rural town, about 45 minutes away from Atlanta. It’s known for its exceptional quality of life, natural beauty, rich history, and hometown values. With a population of 19,000, Noonday, Georgia, is a small town with a small-town feel. And despite its small size, Noonday, Georgia, has a lot to offer.

The location of Noonday, Georgia is located in the state of Georgia in the city of Marietta. It has an estimated population of 9,000 people in an area of 9.8 square miles. It is located in the time zone of Eastern. The zip code of Noonday, Georgia is 30064. At the end of the trail which begins in Marietta, you will find a quaint and scenic town named Noonday. It is a small farming community located in the southern part of Cobb County. The homes in Noonday have many different architectural styles and designs. Many of the homes are brick and have nice front porches. Many people have made this their home because of the peaceful setting and the quiet way of life.

Noonday, a small rural community near Perry, is home to the Perry Nuclear Power Plant, which is owned by the city of Perry. Perry, in turn, is located in Houston County. There were no stores in Noonday until the 1990s and the 2000s, and a few businesses, such as a firehouse, still have the Noonday postal address. Noonday has a small number of families and is one of the smallest communities in the county.

The Noonday community is located in the northwestern corner of Houston County, Georgia. It was formerly known as the Powell’s Crossroads community but was renamed Noonday when the post office was established in 1848. Most of the residents of this community are descendants of early settlers. The name Noonday comes from the fact that it is located at the intersection of two major roads (Noonday – Athens, and US Highway 129). The community is currently home to the Noonday Baptist Church, which was founded in 1871.

This small town of Noonday, Georgia is a historic community located between Atlanta and Macon. This is a place where a lot of history took place during the Civil War and the cotton boom days. The town was established as a railroad stop. It had a post office and a depot. A man named George W. Lee donated land for the cemetery. Eventually, a church was built, a school was started, and the town was incorporated in 1913.

It’s such a small community, that it doesn’t have a post office. The town’s name was taken from a children’s book, “No Time for Sergeants” by Mac Hyman, in which the main character refers to something as “no time”. As of the 2010 census, the city had a population of 1,237. It is part of the Zebulon, Georgia Micropolitan Statistical Area. Noonday is located at 33°22′35″N 84°55′26″W. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 0.8 square miles (2.1 km²). It is part of the Atlanta metropolitan area.

There are no roads to Noonday, it is accessed only by railroad. It was founded as a shipping depot during the construction of the Brunswick and Western Railroad in the late 1800s. The town was built around the railroad and is the eastern terminus of the Brunswick and Western Railroad. The railroad used the city for shipping until its demise in the early 1900s. The tracks were removed and left as a monument to the town’s origins. The town is a popular attraction for railfans and hikers who are drawn by the history and scenery.

The town was deserted by the early 1920s, although a few structures remain. Today the depot and several private homes are the only buildings in the town which is now a Georgia Historic Site.