Smyrna, Georgia 


Smyrna, Georgia, is one of the top places to live in the country and a great place to live if you’re looking to relocate. Smyrna is located in Cobb County, Georgia, and is home to more than 105,000 residents. Smyrna is the third-largest city in Georgia, after Atlanta and Athens, and is the largest city outside of Atlanta. Among CNN Money’s list of best places to live, Smyrna was the 8th best small city and 19th best overall place to live.

It is a small suburban town located 30 miles north of Atlanta, Georgia (the state’s capital). Smyrna was founded in the 1800s. Today, Smyrna is a top place to live due to its prime location and easy access to nearby attractions. The single-family homes in Smyrna run the gamut from starter homes to luxurious homes on large lots, too small cottages tucked in the woods. The most expensive single-family home for sale is about $705,000, while the least expensive home for sale is about $125,000. For people looking for a less expensive home, there are plenty of condos and townhomes in Smyrna, as well.

Smyrna is located in Cobb County, Georgia, and is a major commercial and commuter hub for the Atlanta metro area. Smyrna has a population of nearly 60,000 people, making it the third-largest city in Cobb County, behind only neighboring Marietta and Kennesaw.

The town centers around the traditional downtown area, which contains the most popular attractions for visitors, as well as apartment and retail developments. Smyrna is home to a thriving arts scene and a number of historic buildings and homes that have been preserved in their historic form.

Along the border of Smyrna and the neighboring city of Vinings lies the historic district of townhomes known as Tanyard Creek. Here, residents can enjoy the old. Smyrna is the second-largest city in Cobb County. The city is situated about 25 miles (40 km) northwest of downtown Atlanta. The city of Smyrna is adjacent to Vinings and Marietta, Georgia. The city is bordered by the town of Vinings, Cobb County. The city of Smyrna is in the UTC-5 time zone. The latitude of Smyrna is 33.872, and the longitude is -84.459. The elevation of Smyrna is 615 feet (187m).

I am a resident of Smyrna, GA and I have lived here my whole life. Much of it is the same and has not changed much over time. I have lived in the same neighborhood and in the same house since I was ten years old. It is a nice area and I feel very safe. Kids can walk or bike to school and there is plenty of green space for them to play. The schools in the area are good and it has been ranked number 7 as a school district in the state.

It’s probably best known to outsiders as the home of a large Honda assembly plant. But there’s more to Smyrna than that. Here are some of the most interesting companies and businesses in the area:

Fairwinds Credit Union: An online and brick-and-mortar bank that offers savings, checking, and a variety of other financial services. They also have a community lending program that has financed more than $2.5 million in loans for Smyrna and neighboring Marietta residents.
Smyrna Airport: One of the busiest general aviation airfields in the southeast. Smyrna has schools and colleges to educate students from early childhood through college and beyond.

The U.S. Army’s Camp Benning is located in the city of Dobbins Heights, Ga. The Army base is the only permanent training facility for the U.S. Army Infantry. Established in 1918, the base was originally named Camp Hancock and was used as an artillery training center. Camp Benning was named in honor of Brigadier General William L. Benning, a veteran of the Indian Wars and Spanish-American War.

The first known military post in Smyrna was called Camp Harris during the War of 1812. It was named for Captain Charles Harris, who was killed in the war. Camp Harris was located near the current post office. In the 1850s, when Indian problems in the area declined, the camp was abandoned. In 1879 the military returned to the area and established a post one mile south of the current post. It was named Camp Adair. The Camp Adair site was chosen because it was on the newly constructed Atlanta & West Point Railroad.

Camp Adair served as a quartermaster supply point as well as a mobilization area for troops. Troops were trained at the camp and then sent to the Spanish American War and the Philippine.