Southside, Savannah


Southside, Savannah, is a great area to live. It is conveniently close to everything, including Historic Downtown Savannah, the beaches, and Tybee Island Ferry. There is a reason why so many people live in this area, and it has a lot to do with the mild climate, great schools, and proximity to downtown. The area itself is made up of four districts, which are the Southside neighborhood, the South Tybee neighborhood, the Isle of Hope neighborhood, and the Midtown neighborhood. Simply stated, Southside, Savannah, is a great place to not only live but also to invest.

The Community of Southside, also known as the Southside, is a neighborhood located in Savannah, Georgia. It is bounded by Drayton Street, the CSX Railroad, Chatham Parkway, and the Savannah River. The neighborhood is named for the many African American families that moved to the area after the Civil War. During the Civil Rights Movement, the Southside was the center of the Civil Rights Movement in Savannah, as residents participated in sit-ins at segregated restaurants and resisted attempts by city officials to close public parks to blacks.

This neighborhood runs along the south side of the Savannah River between the river and Ogeechee Road. The area has a great mix of architectural styles and has some of the best views of both the Savannah River and downtown Savannah. A number of the houses are on Lenox Ave, which is lined with huge oak trees and has historic houses like the Verdier-Hogarth House. There is even a mansion with a dome on the south end of the neighborhood.

Southside is a neighborhood and historic district on the south side of Savannah, Georgia. It is the city’s oldest neighborhood and contains a mix of residential and commercial buildings. Its boundaries are Abercorn Street to the north and east, East Broad Street to the south, and President Street to the west.

Garden City, a planned residential community laid out in a grid pattern of large, public parks and connected by wide, landscaped streets, was conceived in 1859 by Elizabeth Oliphant and her brother-in-law, William J. Ellis. In 1864, the City of Savannah purchased land in the area to become a future park. In 1867, the City of Savannah voted to change the name of the area from Washington Park

Schools of Southside a small chain of charter schools in Savannah that has been in the news for its questionable financial management. In 2016, the school was investigated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for not paying its employees for weeks on end and for paying employees who didn’t work.

Sea turtle hatchlings begin emerging from their nest in the dunes, making their way to the sea. The hatchlings can be seen at the Sanderling Resort, 6 miles south of Savannah.

The Southside Waterfront is one of Savannah’s most unique neighborhoods. It is set within a stunning natural setting with a waterfront promenade and park. The neighborhood is home to a diverse group of residents and businesses. The Southside Waterfront has an active neighborhood association that encourages residents, merchants, and other stakeholders to get involved in the activities and planning of the neighborhood. The Southside Waterfront is a vibrant, eclectic, and diverse community.

Waterfront Community of Southside, Savannah Southside is a waterfront community in the Historic Southside District of Savannah, Georgia. It was chosen by Savannah City Council to be an urban renewal district, due to its prime location on the Savannah River.

According to the latest US census, the average number of years people spend in school in Southside, Savannah is 15.3. As of the 2010 census, there were 15,977 people living in town. The population density was 2,149 people per square mile. There were 10,160 housing units in town and the average home value was $233,904.

A high number of the population practice their religion, with 62.5% of the town claiming to be Christian and 28.9% of the town following another religion. The median age was 31.2 and 15.8% of the population were under the age of 18. There were 10,975 males and 2,004 females.

The population density of the Southside neighborhood is 1,067.7 people per square mile, compared to the city average of 1,293.2 people per square mile. In terms of education, the Southside neighborhood is home to Savannah State University and has a higher-educated population when compared to the city average and the state average.