Starlandia Art Supply 


Starlandia Art Supply is an artist’s paradise. The artistic market in Savannah, Georgia is growing, and Savannah is known for being both an artist’s retreat and a tourist destination. Make Starlandia Art Supply your business’ destination for all of your supplies, supplies and more supplies.

Located on the corner of West Congress Street and Montgomery Street in downtown Savannah, Georgia, Starlandia is located in a building that has been used variously as a barber shop, a medical office, a grocery and a bank. The interior is modern and spacious, and the walls are decorated with large, colorful paintings.

It is a family-owned and -operated art supply store. With a focus on art education, they teach workshops for all ages and skill levels. Their shop at 208 Whitaker Street was founded in 2002, and has become a staple of the community. You can find all sorts of supplies for painting, drawing, printmaking, and photography, as well as art supply gifts and accessories.

Starlandia Art Supply is located at 918 W. Oglethorpe Ave. in the Historic District of Savannah, GA. It’s open Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm and Sunday 1pm-5pm.

I was a little too young to experience the era of Starlandia Art Supply in it’s prime, but I have heard plenty of stories from my parents and friends. The store was huge and there were art supplies everywhere. The store sold everything from pencils and paper to easels and canvases, and the store was well known for having a good selection of supplies, competitive prices, and knowledgeable staff.

In the late 19th century, the Starland District was a working-class neighborhood on the outskirts of Savannah. It was made up of African-Americans and poor European immigrants and suffered through many epidemics. From 1881 to 1884, the city attempted to improve the area by removing many of the older buildings and construct more sanitary housing. By the early 20th century, many of the lots had been redeveloped into businesses and residential properties.

Starlandia Art Supply is located at 1227 East President Street in Savannah, Georgia, United States of America. Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia and was the southern capital of the Confederate States of America. Starlandia Art Supply is open for business Monday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Starlandia Art Supply is a retail store that serves the greater Savannah area, including the cities of Pooler, Bloomingdale, Rincon, Richmond Hill, Hinesville, and Wilmington Island.

The store is about 22 miles from Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport and 60 miles from the

Quaint and utterly charming is how I would describe Crafts of Starlandia, an art supply shop in Savannah. It sits on the east side of Whitaker Street, the main road in the historic district, and has been a presence in the community since 1997.

Crafts of Starlandia is one of my favorite art supply stores. It is located in one of the most beautiful cities in the US. Crafts of Starlandia is located just off Chatham Square, which is a few blocks from the famed Forsyth Park. The store carries a wide variety of artist materials at reasonable prices. I live in Florida and I will still order from them. This store is a gem so if you are visiting Savannah, you must stop by.