Wheelie Good Dog Treats 


Wheelie Good Dog Treats is a Savannah-based business that manufactures all-natural, grain-free dog treats. The treats are baked using human-grade ingredients, including coconut, organic peanut butter, and fish oil. Wheelie Good Dog Treats uses no preservatives, no added sugars, and no artificial colors or flavors.

Wheelie Good Dog Treats in Savannah, Georgia offers dog treats that are healthy, all-natural and full of natural flavors. Monthly treat subscription boxes are available and these treats are convenient, healthy and fun for owners to give to their pets.

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They smell like peanut butter and are soft, not hard and crunchy. They are perfect for training your dog. They are good for training because they will roll away if your dog is still a puppy and they will be softer to throw if your dog needs more velocity to catch the treat. They will fit in the palm of your hand and are not hard to carry in your pocket.

As a dog owner you know better than most that your dog is a member of your family. You love and care for your dog and want the best for them. The same is true for the dogs of all pet owners. Dogs are one of the most loyal and loving members of the family.

Wheelie Good Dog Treats is the only pet treat company in Savannah, Georgia to utilize the strict standards of the EU. The company is committed to providing the safest, healthiest, and most nutritious treats for your pup. Find out more here: https://wheeliegooddogtreats.com/

Treat your dog to a snack that is as tasty as it is healthy. Dog owners in Savannah, Georgia, may find that the best way to ensure that their dog is healthy is to simply give them snacks that are good for them. The company Wheelie Good Dog Treats is committed to providing pet owners with healthy dog treats that are so tasty that their dog will actually refuse to eat anything else.