Pit Boos BBQ 


Pit Boos BBQ is located on Greenwood Ave in the South Side of Atlanta. Greenwood Ave. is the heart of the South Side and home to several great places to eat. Greenwood Ave is also home to many churches so the area is very safe. The location is easy to get to and offers ample parking, with several lots around the immediate area.

It is a family-owned restaurant that specializes in all things BBQ. The pitmasters at the restaurant have been cooking their delicious BBQ for over 30 years, and their expertise is evident.

It is the quintessential BBQ joint, located in Hapeville, Georgia. With mouthwatering brisket, pulled pork, and ribs; bacon-wrapped chicken, and even ribs smothered in mac and cheese, there’s no end to the delicious choices. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Pit Boos has received multiple awards in 2019, including best BBQ in Atlanta, best BBQ joint, and best BBQ in Atlanta. Make sure you stop by the restaurant to sample all that Pit Boos BBQ has to offer. It offers traditional takeout as well as “Family Style” dining. If you choose to dine in, you will be seated at a table with a large family style menu in front of you. You are able to order anything you want off the menu, but the bulk of the menu is the large family style options.

Pit Boos is a quaint little spot. I know it is not a full restaurant, because there is no seating area inside, but you can order food from the windows. The vibe is unlike other BBQ spots in the area. It feels very relaxed and casual. I could see myself chilling after work and grabbing a beer. It is a very relaxed environment with a lot of wood and a lot of smoke.

It’s a perfect stop for those who are in Atlanta for vacation, and for those who live in the area. If you’re traveling or live in Atlanta, and love great barbecue, it’s a food you can’t miss. It’s certainly worth a trip to Atlanta to eat at Pit Boss BBQ. (If you’re a vegetarian, don’t expect to find much that appeals to you on the menu. Customers are very important to them and they did their best to give each and every customer the best service they can and the food that they want. They are more like a family than a restaurant.

The meats are all smoked in a large, steel smoker in the back, and they have a great, smoky flavor. They are also very tender and moist – not dried out at all. The ribs are smoked in a pit behind the building. They are baby back ribs, so they are small. As always, I got mine dry, so they came without sauce. Baby back ribs are my favorite type of ribs, so I always have high expectations. I think the best baby back ribs I’ve had are from Joe’s Kansas City in Kansas City. These were not as good as that, but they were delicious. The meat was tender, and the flavor was great. The only problem I had was that the meat was a little chewy. Maybe these were just a little overcooked. Still, this was a great meal.

If you’re looking for an authentic barbecue at Pit Boos BBQ in Hapeville, Atlanta, you’ll want to head over to the small food market on the west side of town at the intersection of Main Street and Delmont Avenue. Once you arrive, you’ll find a small shop that sells a variety of meats, sides, and drinks. The meats are smoked on-site and are succulent and flavorful. The sides are tasty and serve as the perfect complement to the meat. There are slaws, collard greens, mac and cheese, baked beans, potato salad, and more.

The caramelized onions and cheese on this sandwich were the perfect crunchy, creamy topping to the tender, juicy pork. Pit Boss smoked the pork for about 3 hours over hickory wood in a smoker for this sandwich, and the result was a succulent sandwich that melted in my mouth. The pulled pork is served in a soft, toasted, sweet bun.

You can find pulled pork on the menu of many BBQ joints in Atlanta, but if you want the best-pulled pork then you are going to have to go to Pit Boss in Hapeville, GA. It’s a small hole in the wall ‘cue joint that is run by an old couple who have been in business for decades. They are usually very busy, and there is a huge line (do not worry, it moves quickly), but it’s worth the wait. The pork is so smoky and flavorful, and the vinegar-based sauce is fantastic.