Idlewood, Tucker 


Idlewood is a small community on the outskirts of Tucker, Georgia. It was founded, at least by name, in the early 1930s by Mr. Idle. Because it was on the outskirts of Tucker, Idlewood was considered unincorporated. The community was centered around the Idlewood Elementary School, which opened in the early 1940s. The school was constructed in an unusual shape that was made to fit adjacent to the curving roads of Idlewood. A fire destroyed the school in the late 1950s and it was replaced by a smaller school. In the late 1960s, the state of Georgia decided to build a major highway (called Idlewood Parkway) through the heart of Idlewood.

It is a community of 7,255 and rests on 20.6 square miles of land. It is an energetic community with an eclectic mix of dining establishments to suit every palate. There are over 30 churches, 5 golf courses, and 14 parks located throughout the community. While enjoying all the community amenities, you can enjoy great schools, pleasant neighborhoods, and great shopping.

This is a very interesting piece of history. In 1911, the town of Idlewood was founded by a syndicate known as the Idlewood Land Company, headed by A.A. Tullos, who was the general manager of the Central of Georgia Railway, who wanted to build a town near the railway that would support the railroad. The town was named Idlewood, which is a combination of the names of his two daughters, Ida and Evelyn. The town was originally planned to be a city with a population of 200,000. There were buildings planned to be built, but they were never constructed. The post office was located in a house owned by James W. Wilson, and a restaurant was located in a home owned by the

Idlewood, Georgia an unincorporated area of Tucker. Statistics show that the crime rate is increasing in the Idlewood neighborhood. This is mostly due to the recent abandonment of the Idlewood Pool, which was the main source of entertainment and fitness for the community. Because of its growing crime rate, the Idlewood neighborhood can be considered a “Community at Risk.”

Your family will enjoy amenities while you are staying in Idlewood, Tucker, Georgia. The amenities at this community include a great location, responsive staff, and the ability to work out. Access to certain amenities requires fees. Whether you have been away for a few months or a few years, you will love the area, and the staff at this community is ready to help you settle in. Contact the staff at Idlewood, Tucker, Georgia today to schedule a tour.

The rates on the website are misleading. First of all, they charge $25-$40 a day to live there(in addition to the $440+ a month rent). Then, they require that your car be parked in the maintenance shed(which they provide a space) and require that you pay for a $25 a month car alarm to run off of your car battery. The “laundry room” is half a mile away and you must use a key to get in. The apartments are nice and the people who work in the office are super friendly. But there is no way that I could afford $25 a month for a car alarm plus $440+ a month for rent.

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Idlewood Parc is a great place to live. The safe and quiet neighborhood is close to the city, yet far enough away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Atlanta. The sales office is open daily from 11 am until 8 pm and the office can be reached at 770-671-0505.

There is a new amenity in the community, and this amenity is going to be awesome for the homeowners, and a great way to attract new buyers. We are referring to the community pool and clubhouse. The pool will be separated for lap swimming and for a swim-up bar. There will be a large deck area at the top of the pool for people to relax in this nicely shaded area. Down from the deck is a large pool with a shallow end and deep end to accommodate all ages of swimmers. The clubhouse is going to be a place where the homeowners of Idlewood can gather together after work or on the weekends to have a beer or have a cookout. People can play pool, watch a game, or just have a

There is a community swimming pool, a playground, and a basketball court. There is also a clubhouse that includes an exercise room, a lounge area, and a business center.