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Get the yard or patio that is more inviting that your indoors.

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It’s easy to maintain and professional exterior. Our team will have your outdoor spaces looking pristine.

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Do you wish you loved your outdoor spaces more?

Wish your backyard was the envy of all your friends?

​Want to spend more time doing things you love and less on lawn maintenance

  • Get the outdoor space you’ve always wanted
  • Professional landscaping inspiration you need
  • Lawn maintenance you can forget about
  • Save time and money
  • Leave the ongoing maintenance to us
  • Rest easy with our sustainability practices

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The outdoor areas are one of the home’s most important features. Whether you’re hosting a barbecue or simply looking for a quiet place to relax and unwind, we are the local landscaping company that get you the lawn and outdoor areas the oasis you deserve.

Our landscape contractors and architects have years of experience providing superb service to homeowners all over Truck with a special focus on servicing Sandy Springs, Buckhead, Fulton County, Cobb County and Morgan County.

Or if you need a regular lawn maintenance service that you can rely on like clockwork to maintain your lawn and outdoor spaces and keep them looking their very best.


Let’s ideate together as we curate your perfect home.


Sit back and relax as we do the work and bring you one step closer to your dream home. 


Relax.  Get  the neighbors over. Drink. Be Merry. 

Why Every Homeowner &Amp; Home-Seller Benefits From Professional Landscaping (Infographic)

Our Services In Tucker Landscaper Company

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Lawn Maintenance

We offer a full range of general lawn maintenance services to keep your grass looking healthy, thick, and well-maintained – from weed control, lawn care services​, mowing, trimming, landscape edging and more. We understand that keeping up with the demands of a regular lawn maintenance can be tough to do all on your own- let our skilled lawn care experts take care of your green lawn for you!
Call our team for a quote and to ask about the right lawn service schedule for you.

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Your outdoor areas and yards are so much more than just bricks and green patches of turf. To get the most out of your yard, we will work with you to design your yard and build an outdoor space that meets all of your aesthetic and functional needs. Our team of landscape designers are adept at working with all hardscape materials and creating beautiful landscape constructions, e.g. concrete, wood, brick, metal or stone. Whether it’s front yard or backyard landscaping ideas, a colorful garden, a beautiful arbor, a striking patio your neighbors will envy or modern pool features, we can do it all. Landscape construction is our 

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Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems

Say goodbye to yellow spots, dead patches of grass, and muddy, overwatered areas on your lawn. We install irrigation and sprinkler systems to water your lawn so you don’t have to, and also provide irrigation system repair services. Ensuring that there is adequate landscape drainage for your particular lawn and soil type is essential and we’ll advise how best to do this. Plus, we tailor the system to your lawn’s needs so you never have to worry about drought or overwatering. 

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Get the outdoor patio you’ve always dreamed of. Add useable and livable space to your home, at the same time driving up its value. We have designed and built patios (using various materials such as: flagstone, sandstone, slate, and limestone) to suit all budgets, spaces and design requirements. 

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Fall Cleanup

As summer turns into fall, dead leaves and lawn waste can become an eyesore. Raking up mounds of leaves and lawn debris can be an absolutely backbreaking and time-consuming task. Our expert are here to shoulder the burden for you and make your lawn clean and livable again. Call for prompt and effective leaf removal today.

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Tree Removal

Whether it’s Stump Grinding, Tree Cutting, Tree Trimming or Cabling​ that you need. We have you covered with a full range of tree services. 
We also would like to recommend our West Coast Operations if you have friends or family in Los Angeles or Orange County. Seppo’s Tree Service in Fullerton are absolute pros, 25+ years in the business. And a little further North is West Hollywood Tree Service, one of the most experienced Tree trimming & Tree Removal teams in the country. 

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Hardscaping & Retainer Walls

Retaining walls, pathways, driveways, patios, stairways and more. Done right, hardscaping solutions add real functional and aesthetic value to your home.
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Outdoor Lights

Don’t let your beautiful garden hide under a cover of darkness for half the day. Tastefully placed outdoor lights can transform your outdoor space, making it both beautiful and functional all night long. 
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Holiday Lights & Display

Get into the holiday spirit with a professionally designed and installed holiday light display. Do-it-yourself installations are tough and tedious; we’ve decorated hundreds of homes in the Tucker area, including Christmas light installations, and have the skills and vision to do yours perfectly. 

Friendly & Professional 

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Home & Business landscaping & lawn maintenance service

Commercial Landscaping In Tucker Landscaper Company

Having great and distinctive branding for your business is vital for any business that wants to differentiate itself and carve out a position in a market.  This is especially true if you have a store or office space. Your office, the decor and especially your landscaping should reinforce the vibe and look that your business is trying to project to your customers. 
We at Tucker Landscaper Company understand the importance of this and are experts are extending your brand through your commercial landscaping needs. From your huge lawns with manicured edges to tight spaces, our expert landscapers will be the one to beautify and liven up the atmosphere of your office, business park or otherwise. 

Being experts in commercial landscaping for more than ten years, we have served hundreds of business and commercial establishments across Tucker. Trust us to take charge of doing your landscape maintenance, irrigation, drainage, and more. 

Let us transform your commercial landscape space, be it large or small, into an area that reflects your business culture, ideas, and beliefs. Call us to learn more about our awesome COMMERCIAL LANDSCAPING SERVICES.

Tucker Landscape Maintenance

Non-Obvious Benefits of Landscaping By Tucker Landscaper Company


It’s common knowledge that being around plants and greenery can be beneficial to our overall health and well-being. If you are thinking that you can only achieve this if you go out to the park or go trekking in the forest, then maybe it is time to think otherwise. 

We at Tucker Landscaper Company are experts at creating outdoor environments that will revitalize you and your family.  From simple but beautiful residential landscaping to the more intricate commercial space landscaping, we have your needs covered. 

Research has shown that landscaping promotes a happier mindset. It gives you and your fellow occupants a healthy, eco-friendly, and a serene space to be one with the environment.  

Improve your mood by with well-designed and beautiful landscaping and enjoy the relaxing and calming vibe that it brings. Click HERE to know more information about the other NON-OBVIOUS BENEFITS OF LANDSCAPING.

“We can’t thank you enough for how awesome our yard looks. The quality of the work and professionalism was just outstanding. You guys are such an easy team to work with and always so understanding of our suggestions and landscaping ideas. We’ll definitely be calling again when our next project pops up. ”


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More From Our Blog

Outdoor Fireplaces & Kitchens

Bonding with family and friends is one of the most cherished activities for anyone. Nothing beats having a good laugh with the guys or experiencing the warmth of your loved ones.

You can also make these gatherings more special when you do it on your beautifully hardscaped outdoor areas.  

You can have a fully equipped outdoor kitchen with access to several grills, bars, and countertops. Small areas near an arbor or on a patio can be good locations for a barbecue grill.

And fire pits can also provide areas for your guests to enjoy your company and a drink or two at the fireside.  

Have those unforgettable gatherings right in the heart of your home’s landscaped outdoor areas.

A Vibrant And Fresh Surrounding Of A Home In Atlanta After Leaf Removal
Grading &Amp; Drainage System Illustration

Grading & Drainage

Plants in your landscaped area prefer soils that do not allow water to stand. That is why a good grading and drainage is important for any landscaped set-up. 

When in Tucker,  you can always rely on Tucker Landscaper Company to provide you with quality landscaping offers and services. Our professional landscapers will create slopes in your lawn or space’s that can direct water away from your home’s foundation and redirect it.

We will create a drainage system that creates an ideal growing environment for your plants and greenery. 

Pergolas & Gazebos

An additional shady area in your lovely landscaped area is always a welcome addition. You and your family or guests can fully enjoy the different greenery and fauna that is artfully arranged around your landscaped lawn. 

Gazebos and Pergolas provide you the shade that will make spending any time outside worthwhile. A pergola is a structure that uses slats for a roof that allows the sunlight to fill the area. On the other hand, a gazebo has a solid roof, walls, and seating in an outdoor living space. 

These two outdoor structures provide a center of activity and an environment that is suitable for getting together with your family and friends.

Check out more info on the different designs of PERGOLAS and GAZEBOS that we offer.

Irrigation Design & Install

Our landscape designs are not just aesthetically beautiful they are all sustainable as well. 

You will not have to worry that the greenery and plants will be well taken care of and properly watered.  Plants and grasses that need huge amounts of water will get their required amount of water while less thirsty small plants can avoid the excess water. 

This is due to the properly planned irrigation design that our experts at Tucker Landscaper Company will install in your landscaped lawns and spaces. We use just the right amount of water depending on the plant species. 

We will put a timer-regulated underground irrigation system that will manage the varying amounts of water that your flower beds, trees, grasses, and shrubs require.  



A unwavering focus on making our customer happy is an obsession. It’s in our DNA.

From the very first day a new team member joins Tucker Landscaper Co., they are taught our customer first attitude, and we continue to teach it until it is ingrained in each and everyone of our staff. 

When you work with us, rest assured you’re working with a local company that has your landscaping interests at heart. 


The proper application of fertilizers to your greenery and flowers is essential for them to be healthy and blooming. Fertilizers should ideally be sprayed on your landscape flora for 4 times a year to provide them with the nutrients and vitamins that your landscape plants require. 

The right mix of the right fertilization program and adequate watering creates the key to making your landscaped yard a sight to behold. The roots of grasses, shrubs, flowers, and trees need the right amount of nutrients to produce a healthy landscaped system. 

Tucker’s most trusted landscaper, Tucker Landscaper Company, will expertly fertilize your landscaped space to make it bloom with beauty.  



Tucker Landscaper Company’s easy-to-use and safe landscape chemical programs and applications can provide a boost during any season of the year. 

We can protect your landscape through products that can deter stubborn weeds and eradicate pesky insects. Eliminating these problems can greatly help in preventing damage to your landscaped area’s grass and shrubs. 

This type of preventive maintenance is ideally applied on a monthly or quarterly basis to help you ensure the healthy and vibrant growth of your landscape plants and greenery. 



The process of Aeration helps in improving the health of lawns and other flat landscaped areas, This method is done by systematically punching holes in the ground. By doing this it removes plugs of soil and reveals a path for the air, water, and nutrients to enter the soil and reach the roots of the plants in the area. 

Aeration also reverses the effects of compaction which the soil gets due to daily traffic it gets from people walking and lawn tractors moving on it. Compaction can be deadly to your landscaped area because it inhibits root growth.

Good thing we at Tucker Landscaper Company offer quality Aeration services just for you.



Aside from Aeration, one more method of taking care of your landscaped lawn is through Topdressing.

Topdressing is the process of putting a thin layer of compost and soil that delivers needed nutrients to the lawn and improves its underlying soil. Topdressing is usually combined with Aeration to allow nutrients and microbes to easily penetrate the soil and reach the nearby plant roots. 

This process also makes the enrichment of the roots faster and more efficient. Tucker Landscaper Company looks forward to the opportunity to be of service to you. 


One more unique way our expert landscapers at Tucker Landscaper Company can make your landscaped areas look awesome is through lighting. 

By adding lighting fixtures, your lawn or area will now have an awesome, gorgeous twist, This will further accentuate your already beautifully designed landscaping.

Click HERE to get more information on the various Outdoor Lighting lighting fixtures that we provide to elevate your landscaping to the next level.

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